SEPC Board of Directors and Officers

Date: Friday, June 18, 2021
Time: 6:00am - 5:00pm

Dear SEPC Members,

One of the events we traditionally hold in May of each year is our Annual Meeting at which we formally elect our slate of Officers and Directors for the upcoming fiscal year.

Last year we were unable to hold it in person given the disruptions caused by the pandemic, and while things have gotten a lot better, the board has determined that it is still a little too soon for an in-person event.  Our plan is to hold an in-person event in September or so to take its place from a social perspective.  However, we still have the formal requirement of electing our Officers and Directors for the fiscal year beginning 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022.

As we did last year, therefore, we’ll conducting the election via email.

Under our Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall consist of 10 people, of whom 5 shall be Officers of the Council. 

The following is the slate of proposed Directors and Officers:

Mark Huffman:           Past President and Director

Tammi Griswold:        President and Director

Damaris Perez:            Vice President and Director

Matt Page:                  Secretary and Director 

Liza Bunker:                Treasurer and Director

Aydee Ferguson:         Director

Jeff Galvin:                   Director

Jenni Harmon:             Director

Lynn Swenson:            Director

Kate Willcox                Director

To vote “Yes” if you approve of the proposed Directors and Officers, or “No” if you do not approve of the proposed Directors and Officers, click on the RSVP Now for this Event link below.  Voting will remain open until close of business on June 18, 2021.

If you should have any questions, please contact Raquel Altavilla at

Thank you,

Mark Huffman
President (2020-2021)

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