SEPC September Meeting

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Location: Sutter Club (Sacramento Room) / Zoom
Speaker: Peter Trieu - Crowe LLP


September Meeting

Cross Border Tax Issues Affecting More than Just the Ultra-Wealthy

  Peter Trieu, Partner - Crowe LLP


If you think cross border tax issues are just a problem for the ultra-wealthy... think again.  Many advisors that serve individuals or families, when faced with the question, “Does your client have cross-border tax issues?”, may quickly and emphatically respond with “No, of course not!” when in fact that may not be the reality.  What about that client/couple in their mid-40’s who were born and raised in the US, but one spouse has a parent who spends half of every year in Asia visiting the ancestral family home that will ultimately be passed down to your client?  What about your long-time client’s grown child who wants to buy a rental property and just happens to just have married an Australian citizen, and the two of them plan to change their permanent residence from the US to Australia in the near-term?

There are a multiplicity of U.S. tax issues that commonly affect many individuals with even tangential ties overseas.  This presentation serves as an overview of some of those issues, and will cover the U.S. tax effects in various scenarios:

  1. When do you become a U.S. tax resident for income taxes?  How about estate taxes?
  2. What if you are gifted or inherit property from a nonresident of the U.S.?
  3. What if you are the beneficiary of a foreign trust (even if the trust was settled under U.S. law)?
  4. What if your nonresident relative invests in U.S. real property?

Following the presentation, you will have answers to the above questions, and some planning ideas on how to minimize the U.S. tax effects of your own situation, as well as an understanding of the compliance to fulfill to avoid some very harsh penalties.

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